A Message from the President

Kathy GlazerSince 2005, the Virginia Early Childhood Foundation (VECF) has been proud to serve as the Commonwealth’s public-private partner in building a sustained focus on school readiness in Virginia. Our track record is built on what we’ve always known to be true: the value of public-private partnerships, region and family-driven solutions, and ultimately, the need for a strategic policy and investment plan for building an equitable, efficient, accountable, high quality early childhood system in Virginia. 

The nimbleness, flexibility and rapid-response nature of public-private partnerships has never been more essential than during the pandemic’s devastating effects on Virginia’s children, families, and communities. 

Yet VECF sees promise to seize and create new opportunity and new hope. To partner with families to ensure equitable access to game-changing environments and experiences for young children. And to re-engineer our boots-on-the-ground network to ensure that every Virginia region, family, and child can thrive.

Because we see promise, we make these promises:

  • We promise to steward equity, ensuring that all children and families have access to opportunity, regardless of whether they live in low-income households or in child care deserts, are Black or brown or speak a language other than English.
  • We promise to lead a change movement through a sturdy regional network so that every community in Virginia can see, make, and keep these promises.
  • We promise to engage and support families and providers as partners in assertive advocacy to achieve our goals.
  • We promise to employ methods, strategies, and tools that are non-partisan, evidence-based,  transparent and trustworthy.

Thank you for your valued interest and support of this transformative work. Together, we will create a more equitable and resilient child care system for Virginia’s bright future.